The Torrent Nano is built to maximize cooling potential straight out of the box. Main standouts include an unobstructed base intake, an open front grille and one of our 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM fans (Prisma for RGB version) custom-made to achieve maximum air cooling while maintaining controlled noise levels.

Top-tier airflow

  • The included Fractal Design 180 x 38 mm fan leverages power, size, and thickness for massive air-moving capacity
  • Front fan brackets allow for unblocked airflow to the larger fan while catering to standard radiator sizes
  • Dust filters for front and bottom easily accessible by removing the front

Streamlined inside and out
Open interior and a top mounted PSU provides plenty of breathing room for components

Quick start, clean finish

  • Removable top bezel and routing clips with cable ties make for easy installation and cable management
  • A sturdy, vibration-damped drive tray supporting a single HDD or dual SSDs with two optional mounting positions
  • A dedicated SSD bracket with room for 2x 2.5” drives included

Transparently easy

  • Seamless tempered glass panels (TG versions) with bolt-free top-latching mechanisms for easy handling
  • Top mounted aerodynamic PSU shroud with integrated ARGB effects (ARGB strip only available on TG and RGB versions)
  • LED lights (TG versions) and RGB fans (RGB version) are fully controllable through motherboards supporting addressable RGB (5V)

Included GPU support bracket
Helps your GPU stay level (user assembled, instructions included)

With flexibility in focus

  • Space optimized, yet still capable of handling up to 3-slot thick 335 mm long GPUs
  • Integrated support for a water-cooling reservoir on the motherboard tray
  • Comes with included GPU support bracket that helps your GPU stay level


Form factor
Windowed side
Motherboard Compatibility
Fan controller


5.25" slots
0 pcs.
3.5" Drive Bays
1 pcs.
2.5" Drive Bays
2 pcs.

Water Cooling

Radiator front (max)
240 mm
Radiator rear (max)
120 mm
Radiatior top (max)
240 mm

Dimensions and weight

Max length GPU
335 mm
Max lenght PSU
200 mm
Max heigh CPU cooler
165 mm
222 mm
374 mm
417 mm
Net weight
5.8 kg

Additional Information


Packaging info

Packaging size
446 x 300 x 538 mm
Packaging weight
7.50 kg